Though I am a regular bike commuter, the longest ride I had done was 26 miles. I did that ride on my birthday last year. The goal was to ride 41 Km for my 41 years of life. But, I had a couple of detours and ended up with 42 Km which is about 26 miles. It was time to take another long ride.

There were no plans to make this a fast ride. The point was to enjoy a day on the bike; not to go out there and try to ride my tires or legs into the ground.


The trip was planned for Good Friday. Theoretically this would give me a day on the road with fewer cars. The town I was riding to is a place I had never been before and since we don’t own a car I did not have a chance to drive the route to even see what the road was like. I was going on blind faith that some friends told me the road was fairly good. Even though it is just a two-lane road there normally wasn’t too much traffic.

From what I knew of the area, once I left my town I would not have any services until I got to the town where I was to turn around and come home. I rode from La Plata to Magdalena, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The only thing I would see would be farms, cows and a little water.

I knew the ride would be a total of 65 to 70 miles. I know that is not a traditional century ride, but since I live in a country that uses the metric system, I decided to bend the rules a little and count 100 Km as my century instead of 100 miles. Read the rest of this entry