Like most boys I grew up wanting to go fast. Learning to ride a bike offered an unparalleled freedom in my life. I was able to go where I wanted as fast as my legs could pedal. While my interest in the bike has come and gone through the years, I have never stopped being fascinated by the freedom and speed that a bike can offer.

This website is dedicated to my cycling adventures. My exploits on the bike are mostly commuting and exercise related. I have not gotten involved in bike racing, though I am fascinated by it and would love to give it a try. I also provide product reviews and bicycle related tips and tricks.

I take a different approach to the simplicity of the bike than what you read on most cycling related websites. While I would love to have a brand new $4000 machine, I actually own, and regularly use, three bikes—none of which cost more than $40. I would rather learn how to repair or replace a part myself than go to a bike shop and have it done. I am certainly not against local bike shops. I go to mine when I get in over my head. But having the knowledge to tackle most repairs on my own is what keeps bike riding fresh to me.

Join me in my adventure!

There are affiliate links and advertising on this website for bike related services and products. I do make a profit on these items. While I make every attempt to not allow the profit to affect my writing style and recommendations, I cannot guarantee that it never does.