The last couple of months I have been enjoying the use of a friend’s bike. It is what we call an English bike in Argentina. In Europe it is what I think they refer to as a Dutch bike. Either way, I call it a Granny bike. It is slow, but very comfortable to ride. I think of it as a luxury bike.

While all my friends are enjoying the warm weather in the northern hemisphere, we are getting really cold down here in the south. This last week we have had several nights that plunged beneath freezing.

Riding a bike fast in cold weather can freeze a person. The wind chill while riding at 16 MPH can cut to the bones. However, I am not typically riding that fast when I casually ride my bike to the train station or to the grocery store. In those cases the slow granny bike keeps me outside in the cold weather longer. I think it is time to give my friend her granny bike back and I will ride my commuter for all my needs for the rest of the winter.

At what speed does the wind chill become a big issue? If it is 35 degrees and you are dressed warm enough, is it better to ride fast and deal with the wind chill, but get to your destination twice as quickly? Or, is it better to ride slow, not have a wind chill issue but stay out in the cold longer?

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