Yesterday my family and I went to the park on our bikes. The main reason was to have an excuse to sit around lazily and read a book. Our little girl always wants to play around at the playground and our son likes to take my mountain-bike-turned-commuter for a few fast laps on the 1.4 mile track around the park.

Professor on a Grandma BikeA friend of ours lent us her bike a few weeks ago so that a visiting friend would have something to ride while she was with us. This bike is what we (in Argentina) call an English bike. Someone else told me they call them Dutch bikes. Whatever it is called, there is one thing certain about it—it is very heavy. Once it gets rolling it is hard to stop. Consequently, it is also very comfortable. With its wide tires, upright riding position and solid feel, riding this bike is like driving a luxury car. You may not get there too quickly, but the ride is comfortable.

The weather was beautiful, though a little chilly. I think it got up to 63 degrees (we are on the front edge of winter here). I decided to ditch  the heavy coat and wear a sports coat over my sweater. I felt like a college professor.

Since I rode the grandma bike, our son got a chance to ride my newer, faster bike around the park while my wife and I read our books. Our daughter played away happily. On our way home we all did a lap around the track. Riding the old tank, I wasn’t the fastest one around the track, but I was probably the most comfortable.

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