I came across an article on how to lock up a bike. The author has some good explanation and pictures. I encourage you to go read the whole page. But here are the highlights.

how to lock a bike

What needs to be locked?

  • Front tire
  • Rear tire
  • Frame
  • Seat

You can do some of these with the same chain or U-lock, but you will need at least 2 locks/chains to secure everything. Also the more locks the thief has to break the more likely you are going to encourage them to move on to the next bike and leave yours alone.

The wheels and the frame should be locked to each other and an immovable object such as a bike rack or solid pole. Even if your bike does not have quick release wheels, you must lock both of them. You can remove one of the wheels and lock it to the other wheel and frame if necessary.

Keep your chain as short as possible. The more slack there is, the easier it is for a thief to break it with a metal pole. This is even more important with a U-lock.

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