While commuting to a class this morning on my bike I was following a bus through a left-hand turn. The road we were on was a major road that had the right of way to go straight or turn left. Though it is a 90 degree turn, it is set up in such a way that you can buzz through the turn pretty quickly. I moved into the middle lane behind the bus and we went through the turn together with a few other cars.

Sitting on the other side of the turn, hidden from my view as we were going into the turn, was a bag of lime (used for cement) that fell off a delivery truck. This is a fine white powder that is dusty and dry. The bus hit the pile of lime in the road and shot up a huge cloud of white dust. Without considering the outcome, I continued through the cloud on my bike getting the dust all over me. It got into my eyes and all over my clothes.

My eyes started watering and I was afraid I would arrive at class with cement stuck to my face. I wiped everything off as best I could and continued on to class.

Why is it that these types of things happen when you are running late? I began to think that arriving late to class would be a good thing since I could slip in to the bathroom and clean up before anyone saw me.

Because it was cool this morning I had on a jacket. Besides my clothes turning white, only my hands and face were exposed to the dust. As soon as I saw the cloud start to billow up I took a deep breath and went through the cloud without breathing any of it in.

When I got to class everyone was still standing outside—no chance of slipping in and cleaning up before anyone saw me. I rode up and asked a couple of my friends if I looked whiter than normal. They didn’t seem to notice at first. But when I took my glasses off and they saw my normal skin color they burst out laughing. I am glad I could provide entertainment for them.

Fortunately I was able to brush most of it off my clothes. My face and hands rinsed off fine too. I don’t even feel too stiff.

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